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Before couple of days I received the good news that I passed the “Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect certification”.
The story begins in December 2010 when I took the first part of the exam.
I relied on my hands-on experience in java, Design patterns, web component, EJB.
I just read “Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java™ EE Study Guide”.

By the way , at that time I had SCJP, SCBCD 5, SCWCD.
so it was a great challenge to try to get the most valuable certificate in Java which is the Architect certificate.

part 1 questions mainly focused on the higher level concepts , no details or low level questions, my score was 77% .

in April 2011, I returned back to the assignment , in 2 weeks the assignment was done.
in general the assignment is simple, but there are some details you need to take care about.
I worked on assignment using Visio, then exported the diagrams to html pages as they requested, then i packaged the html pages to jar file.
before sending the assignment , you need to finish part2, I went to exam center I answered around 7 questions, mainly the questions about how your design handle security, scalability , maintainability,…. and if there is a use to Enterprise Java Beans and why,…

21 April – I sent the assignment
25 April – I received the confirmation about receiving the assignment, they informed me it needs 6-8 weeks to be graded.
30 May – I sent them an email asking about any updates regarding the result.
2 June – OCP team apologized for the delay , and they told me they may need another 2-3 weeks.
21 June – I sent them any updates email …
22 June – OCP team apologized for the delay!
1 July – I recieved email that I passed the exam.

It was a nice challenge to work on this certificate, what do you think 🙂 ?

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