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The ‘A’ Developer

Being an ‘A’ Developer is not easy: you should work hard, and read, and learn from your mistakes.

I tried to summarize my convictions about who ‘qualifies’ as an ‘A’ Developer, below:

1) ‘A’ Developer writes her/his code with a lot of enjoyment and enthusiasm.

2) ‘A’ Developer is not a coder; ‘A’ Developer is an ENGINEER.

3) ‘A’ Developer is always asking “Why” before starting to learn a new technology. For example, “Why Spring?”, “Why JPA?”, “Why JSF?”

4) ‘A’ Developer is Big Picture oriented, not details oriented.

5) ‘A’ Developer believes that Design Patterns are a MUST.

6) ‘A’ Developer should be involved in all tiers.

7)  ‘A’ Developer is a good starter and a good finisher as well.

8)  ‘A’ Developer has v.good communication skills.

9)  ‘A’ Developer does not depend on “Hello World” examples when trying to learn and master a new technology .

10) ‘A’ Developer is always updating him/herself with the latest market news and reads developers articles and comments.

11)  ‘A’ Developer is not a fantasist in terms of the latest framework or technology.

12)  ‘A’ Developer is a very good user to his IDE. He/she knows the most important options and shortcuts the IDE has.

13)  ‘A’ Developer hates the systematic route and always asks: “How I can automate this.”

14) ‘A’ Developer tends to keep things simple.

15) ‘A’ Developer is a reliable, committed, and hard worker.

16) ‘A’ Developer likes new challenges.

17) ‘A’ Developer understands the business before beginning to code.

18)  ‘A’ Developer looks for the best practice for everything he/she works on.

Am I right… what do you think…?!


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Hi all,

I’d like to share with u the solution for Arabic in PDF Jasper Reports Problem.. Simply all what u need to do is to use a suitable font for arabic text and make it embedded in ur PDF.

Note :- Arial is highly recommended for Arabic.. so we will use it here.

1) Download Arial.TTF…

2) Put Arial.TTF in ur classpath.

3)Open ur *.jrxml file and replace all <font> tags with this:

<font fontName=”Arial” pdfFontName=”ARIAL.TTF” size=”22″ isPdfEmbedded =”true” pdfEncoding =”Identity-H”/>

u can change size, but other attributes DON’T TOUCH PLEASE.

Hopefully This will help anyone facing such problem.

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